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Happy 20th Anniversary, CARLA!

Multilingual Minnesota joins language professionals around the state and the nation in congratulating the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) with its 20th anniversary.  What an amazing contribution this organization, currently under the direction of Dr. Elaine Tarone, has made to language teaching and language teacher-education.  Thank you, and here’s to the next 20 years!


Understanding How the Brain Speaks Two Languages

Time magazine, April 23, 2013


“Surge in immersion programs spreads”

February 12, 2013, Star Tribune


Students get schooled in Russian

The first school in the Midwest focused on Russian language and culture opens in Minnetonka


Modern Language Association (MLA) Statement on Language Learning and United States National Policy

The MLA regards the learning of languages other than English as vital to an understanding of the world; such learning serves as a portal to the literatures, cultures, historical perspectives, and human experiences that constitute the human record. Pragmatically, we believe in the value of becoming part of a global conversation in which knowledge of English is often not enough, and the security and future of our country depend on accurately understanding other cultures through their linguistic and cultural practices. Find out more >>


Libraries Launch Groundbreaking Online Ojibwe Dictionary

Minneapolis-St. Paul (February 29, 2012)--The University of Minnesota Libraries, in partnership with the University's Department of American Indian Studies and the Minnesota Historical Society, have launched a ground-breaking online Ojibwe-English dictionary, The Ojibwe People's Dictionary, at


Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language

New York Times article
Published: October 10, 2011


English-only debate revs up
in Minnesota
Star Tribune

Efforts to declare English the official language of Minnesota are getting the most serious attention in years at the State Capitol as part of a movement sweeping the country. If bills now working through the Minnesota House and Senate pass, such a law would stop most government information from being translated into different languages.



Being bilingual: Beneficial workout for the brain
The Chronicle of Higher Education

Speaking two languages confers lifelong cognitive rewards that spread far beyond the improved ability to communicate, a series of scientific findings has shown. In the latest research, described at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the onset of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease was delayed by more than four years in elderly bilingual adults, even though they had identical brain damage compared with a group of adults in the study who spoke only one language



First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language

A language is lost every fourteen days. One of those endangered tongues is Minnesota’s own Ojibwe language. Now a new generation of Ojibwe scholars and educators are racing against time to save the language. Working with the remaining fluent-speaking Ojibwe elders, they hope to pass the language on to the next generation. But can this language be saved?  Told by Ojibwe elders, scholars, writers, historians and teachers, this tpt original production is filled with hope for the future.


New Russian Language Charter School!

A new Russian language charter school is in the works in the Twin Cities!  Currently, a petition is underway to make this school possible.  To learn more and to support their efforts, please visit:


Korean Immersion Language School Being Planned!
The Sejong Academy of Minnesota board members and volunteers are in the process of preparing an application for a Twin Cities Charter School for Korean language immersion. We will apply for a Korean language immersion charter school in the central Twin Cities area in June, 2010. We are applying to open a K-4 school in September, 2011 in the Twin Cities. We will add a grade every year until we reach K-8.  Want to learn more or sign a petition to help our school get started?  Please v
isit our website:

Announcements for Teachers

Minnesota Legislative Reports on World Language

The legislature requires an annual district survey and report on the status of world languages published in February from 2008-2012.  The reports are posted on the Minnesota Department of Education Website.  There are several other reports with related information.  Each report contains an executive summary, background information, research and legislative recommendations.

Status of K-12 World Languages in Minnesota (2010)

  • Statewide world language enrollment by grade-level bands
  • Comparison between Minnesota data the National K-12 Foreign Language Survey
  • MDE Pilot World Language Grants Summary
  • Minnesota World Language Proficiency Certificates
  • Minnesota Visiting Teacher Program