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Are you thinking of sending your children to a language immersion school?  Or maybe you already have children in an immersion program, but you have questions?  This page is for you!

For a list of Minnesota's Immersion Schools, please follow this link:


New Video! Language Immersion Education in Minnesota
Ever wonder what a language immersion classroom in Minnesota looks and sounds like?

Language Immersion Education in Minnesota is a 15-minute, must-see video on the role language immersion programs can play in addressing Minnesota’s achievement gap and preparing its children to compete in the global economy. The video unites the voices of researchers and community leaders with those of immersion practitioners and their students.


“Surge in immersion programs spreads”

February 12, 2013, Star Tribune


Minnesota welcomes a new French immersion program!

Minneapolis Public Schools will be opening the Pierre Bottineau French Immersion (PBFI) program in fall 2011 with students in Kindergarten-Grade 2. PBFI will be located at 1501 30th Ave. North, Minneapolis and share the Jordan Park School building with Hmong  International Academy. For more information about the program, email JoEllyn Jolstad


New Russian Language Charter School!

A new Russian language charter school is in the works in the Twin Cities!  Currently, a petition is underway to make this school possible.  To learn more and to support their efforts, please visit:


Summer Ideas!

Worried about your child maintaining his/her immersion language over the summer?  Here are some ideas from the Minnetonka Immersion Parents Network in Spring 2010.  Check them out!

Korean Immersion Language School Being Planned!

The Sejong Academy of Minnesota board members and volunteers are in the process of preparing an application for a Twin Cities Charter School for Korean language immersion. We will apply for a Korean language immersion charter school in the central Twin Cities area in June, 2010. We are applying to open a K-4 school in September, 2011 in the Twin Cities. We will add a grade every year until we reach K-8.  Want to learn more or sign a petition to help our school get started?  Please visit our website:


What Parents Want to Know About Foreign Language Immersion Programs

This brief article from the Center for Applied Linguistics was written for parents new to immersion education.  The authors are two nationally-known language immersion experts from the University of Minnesota, Dr. Tara Fortune and Dr. Dee Tedick.

The article answers some of the most common questions that parents and others ask about foreign language immersion education:

  • What is a foreign language immersion program and how does it work?
  • Why should I consider enrolling my child in an immersion program?
  • How will learning everything in a second language affect my child's English language and literacy development?
  • Will my child become proficient in the second language? How long will that take?
  • Is immersion an appropriate choice for all children?
  • What can I do to support my child's immersion experience if I don't speak the second language?


Websites that support Immersion Families

CARLA, the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition

Minnesota Advocates for Immersion Network

Bilingual Parenting in a Foreign Language
For parents interested in raising their children in a foreign language (non-native language to both parents).